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Project Management (PM) - Business of Architecture

Architecture is by nature a custom made endeavor. Its success depends on not only the design, but also on its delivery. In the process, options are tested, program changes incorporated, and compromises, inevitably, made. To make right decisions at each juncture, PM with an eye on Design Excellence is key to success. We help you manage the usual cost & schedule, plus the work process, the chemistry of design team, and informed & well-calibrated decision making processes along the way.

What We Do


Project Department: For institutions and businesses with a building project, we act as your Project Department, administering the project from start to finish, relieving your staff of unfamiliar and sometimes technical duties. Organizations without building expertise can this way work with architects and contractors on equal footing, with confidence of having an “in-house expert”.
Local Office - Staff On The Ground: For overseas developers, we become your “local office”, coordinating design, construction, permit application, leasing, and other activities per your instructions through assiduous communication, while you remain based in your home.
International Design Management: For those who wish to enlist expertise of international architects, we can search for and recommend suitable talents, administer the selection and contract processes, and manage the everyday design activities to ensure the most effective and creative discourse. We would advocate the designers’ design intent (with your blessing) against interests of local architects and contractors, while turning around their conservative reservation to positive and enthusiastic efforts towards the best technical ingenuity.
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